DTW Capital Projects

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Capital Projects

The Airport Authority manages the capital projects at Detroit Metropolitan Airport under a Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The current and future capital projects at Detroit Metropolitan Airport are anticipated to occur over the next five years and can be viewed by clicking the project categories below.

Airfield Projects
Power Plant & Electrical Distribution System
Fleet & Equipment
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Noise Mitigation
Parking Decks & Lots
Bridges & Roadways
Security & Communications
Storm Water System
Support Facilities
Water Distribution System

Airfield Projects
Runway 4R/22L & Associated Taxiways
AF1 Runway 4R/22L Reconstruction (Design Only)
AF2 Runway 4R/22L, Western Portion of Runway 9L/27R & Adjacent Taxiways Reconstruction
AF3 Taxiways “Y-16” and “Y-17” Reconstruction
AF4 Taxiway “Y-11” Removal
Runway 3L/21R & Associated Taxiways
AF5 Runway 3L/21R & Taxiways “M” & “F” ReconstructionDesign
AF6 Southern Portion of Runway 3L/21 R & Taxiways “M” & “F”Reconstruction
AF7 Taxiway “PP2” Reconstruction
AF8 Northern Portions Runway 3L/21R Reconstruction
AF9 Taxiway “P4” Reconfiguration & Reconstruction
AF10 Northern Portions of Taxiways “M”, “P” & “P-5”Reconstruction
AF11 Taxiways “M3”, “M4”, & “M5”
Other Airfield Projects
AF12 Portions of Taxiways “V”, “H”, & “F” Reconstruction
AF13 Airfield Lighting Vault
AF14 Airfield Service Road West of Taxiway “M” Improvements
AF15 Berry Apron/Remain Over Night Stands & Zipper Road Rehabilitation
AF16 Taxiway “Z” Reconstruction & Relocation
AF17 Balance of Taxiway “W” Reconstruction
AF18 Airfield Surface Monitor System Improvements
AF19 Runway 3L/21R Enhancements – Planning & Environmental Processing
AF20 Runway 4L/22R Reconstruction – Planning & Design
AF21 Taxiways “S”, “S4” & “S5” Reconstruction
AF22 Taxiway “G” Reconstruction
AF23 Eastern Portion of Taxiway “V” Reconstruction
AF24 Western Portion of Taxiway “H” Reconstruction
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Power Plant & Electrical Distribution System
PP1 Electrical Generator for North Powerhouse
PP2 Utility Command Center & Remote Metering
PP3 North Powerhouse Substation
PP4 Primary Cable & Switchgear Replacement – Line Up #2 Breaker #1 at NorthPowerhouse
PP5 Primary Cable & Switchgear Replacement – Centrifugal Chiller & LineUp #1
PP6 Building 358 & McNamara Deck Substation
PP7 Primary Loops 1, 2 & 3 Upgrade & Expansion – Design Only
PP8 Primary Loop No. 1 Expansion
PP9 South Tunnel & Substation
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Fleet & Equipment
FE1 Fleet & Heavy Equipment Five Year Plan
FE2 Fueling Facility Improvements
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Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
HV1 Boilers, Fuel Tanks, Control Room
HV2 Chillers 2 & 4, Rebuild Cooling Tower
HV3 Secondary Pump Replacement & Condensation Pump Upgrade
HV4 HVAC/Air Handler Replacement/Upgrade
HV5 Combined Cycle, Waste Heat Boiler, Steam Condenser
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Noise Mitigation
NM1 Ground Run-up Facility
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Parking Decks & Lots
PD1 Blue Deck Rehabilitation
PD2 Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) System
PD3 Public Parking Lots & Decks ADA Modifications
PD4 Green Lot Rehabilitation
PD5 Rehabilitation of South Employee Parking Lot
PD6 Blue Deck – Field Investigation & Design for Emergency Lighting
PD7 McNamara Deck Upper Level Coating (Levels 6 – 10)
PD8 Yellow Lot Reconstruction
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Bridges & Roadways
BR1 East Service Drive Rehabilitation
BR2 West Service Drive Rehabilitation
BR3 Berry Terminal Roadways Modifications
BR4 Rogell Drive-Dingell Drive Connector
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RF1 Building 356 (ASIG) Roof Replacement
RF2 Building 530 (GM) Roof Replacement
RF3 Building 704 Roof Replacement
RF4 Building 805 Roof Replacement
RF5 Building FS 700 Roof Replacement
RF6 Building 703 Roof Replacement
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Security & Communications
SC1 Advanced Surveillance Program
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Storm Water System
SW1 De-icing Fluid Force Main to DWSD Development
SW2 Replace Outfall Structure at Pond 4
SW3 Primary Pump Station 6 Replacement
SW4 Pond 6 Structural Upgrade
SW5 Pump Station 6 Switchgear Replacement
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Support Facilities
SF1 Public Safety Training Facility Enhancements
SF2 Airport Authority Administration Building
SF3 LC Smith Building & Building 358 Improvements
SF4 LC Smith Concourses A & B Decommissioning
SF5 Command/Control Center Consolidation
SF6 Building 278 Demolition
SF7 Police Station Replacement – Design & Construction
SF8 Building 358 (Police Station) Demolition
SF9 Vehicle Driving/Training Range
SF10 Service Road to Passenger Aircraft Cargo Facility
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TM1 Additional Flight Displays at North Terminal
TM2 Westin Interior Public/Valet Public Access Ramp ADA Modifications
TM3 Interior Wall Replacement at North Terminal
TM4 Visual Paging System in North Terminal
TM5 Demolition of LC Smith & Berry Terminals
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Water Distribution System
WD1 12” Line Between Master Pits #2 & #3
WD2 Watermain – Various Sizes within Master Meter Pit #1 Area
WD3 Watermain – Various Sizes within Master Meter Pit #4 Area
WD4 Watermain – Various Sizes within Remaining Old System
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